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Glasslock Cup


LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Ceramic


Oasis Azure Thermal Cooker


Smartloc Supreme Dual Hook


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Learn to cook with Oasis Azure Thermal Cooker.

Pumpkin with Milk Dessert

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Rendang Chicken

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Vegetarian Lamp Soup

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Vegetarian Chicken with fresh Chestnuts

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Braised Lamb Belly

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Brown Rice with Vegetarian Salted Fish

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Smartloc Powerful Vacuum Suction System

Smartloc patented technology vacuum suction system is designed forinstalling a wide range of bathroom, kitchen and laundry accessories onto walls without the use of drills and screws, offering convenient solutions for home organization and storage.
Innovative system, Easy to use, Removable and reuseable, Super strong vacuum power.


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